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We know that employment law issues are among the most sensitive and important matters for our clients, whether they are international corporations or smaller companies. Especially in cross-border matters, even experienced HR and legal departments reach their limits.

We take care of national and cross-border employment law for our clients. We are aware that Czech (employment-) law can be just as important for employers in international constellations as their own national law. However, the most difficult aspect is the combination of both legal systems.

With our internationally experienced experts, we help you to master these challenges in employment law: with practice-oriented advice and strategic planning - on fundamental structural issues as well as in day-to-day business.

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Employment law - strategic advice for companies

The current situation on the labor market presents companies with enormous challenges. In the competition for qualified employees, they /have to adapt to the wishes and ideas of a new business world; flexibility in terms of time and location (remote work) is expected. We offer legal solutions for all of this so that companies are not treading on thin ice when it comes to employment law.

We keep an eye on all of this and clarify possibilities and limits. Together with you, we develop and implement tailor made solutions for your company. Topics include:

  • remote and hybrid working models including interfaces to data [privacy] protection, e.g. "bring your own device",

  • flexible working hours (trust-based working hours, team-oriented working hours, etc.) 

  • implementation of payment/remuneration transparency (including preparation for implementation of the respective EU directive)

  • data [privacy] protection/GDPR (including the international exchange of personal data, e.g. in cross-border teams),

  • collective agreements, negotiations with trade unions and works councils (transfer of business, etc.) and

  • (employment law) compliance (e.g. internal regulations on security, anti-corruption, and data security).

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Contractual arrangements / individual employment agreements

The drafting of individual agreements within the framework of statutory and company requirements is essential in Czech employment law: for successful recruitment and smooth cooperation with the workforce, but also for legal certainty in the event of disputes. For specific requirements of Czech employment law, e.g. regarding

  • vacation,

  • minimum wage,

  • collective agreements,

  • social security contributions or

  • working hours

we have you covered.

We are happy to assist you with our experience with employment agreements: from the drafting of (standard) agreements that are to be used on  large scale, to the  as in the drafting of complex, highly individual agreements with managing directors and board members, including special provisions on options and other benefit plans.

Terminations, downsizing of the workforce, etc.

The termination of employment relationships is a sensitive issue in Czech employment law: it is not possible to terminate employment agreements in the Czech Republic without cause. This applies to the termination of individual employment agreements as well as to large-scale redundancies,. From a legal point of view, it is important to be on the safe side as far as possible in all situations: to carry out sustainable personnel planning and minimize the costs of legal disputes by avoiding employment law disputes.

We support you in specific employment law disputes with employees, but also when it comes to large-scale work force adjustments. Restructuring and reorganization are hardly possible without employment law measures. In such cases, it is highly advisable to obtain employment law advice at an early stage and to plan appropriate measures with foresight, involve employee representatives and negotiate, draft and implement collective agreements.

We are happy to advise you on the following topics:

  • termination of employment (with/without notice),

  • termination agreements and settlement agreements,

  • review and implemention/ of work force adjustions and mass redundancies

  • legal representation before labor courts - including cross-border.

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Separation from executives

The separation from executives such as board members or managing directors works differently than in the case of normal employees - legally and organizationally. It is essential to clarify the very specific legal situation on an individual contractual basis, while at the same time solving - sometimes quite complex - company law related problems and develop tailor made solutions. This is what we take care of for you, with years of experience in comparable cases, whether amicable or contentious, out of court or in court.

Naturally, we not only deal with legal matters, but also with factual aspects, especially if there are not only differences or "misconduct", but also criminal allegations: if necessary, with the support of detective agencies or security personnel, always reliably and discreetly, of course.

Employment law in transactions

We also support you with our employment law expertise when transactions such as mergers and acquisitions must be managed. We take care of the necessary employment law due diligence and provide solutions for how the employment law “worlds” of the entities involved can be brought together - if necessary in close coordination with our M&A team.

Situations in which we can assist you include:

  • outsourcing and insourcing of production processes,

  • transfer of operations and

  • restructuring and insolvency.

Our core industry sectors in employment law

It goes without saying that we advise and represent companies from all sectors in (international) employment law. And yet, over the past 25 years, it has become apparent that we primarily represent companies from the following sectors:

  • real estate,

  • financial services/banking,

  • IT (hardware and software, shared service centers),

  • energy industry,

  • transportation and

  • processing and manufacturing industry

and therefore, have specific in-depth insights and experience in advising companies in these sectors.

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