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Energy law in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is a particularly diverse and broad field. Energy trading, solar parks and wind farms, as well as hydroelectric and biomass power plants, each have their own very specific requirements and concern different legal areas.

Not only the market, but also legal regulations are very dynamic and ever changing. While technical possibilities continue to develop, the requirements of customers and politics are growing. Legal requirements in this area follow these trends. This makes planning and implementation of projects in the renewable energy sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia particularly challenging. In addition to specific aspects of energy law, also issues relating to corporate law, real estate law, administrative law, and project financing play an important role.

However, when it comes to legal requirements for trading in various types of energy, there is need for very specific legal advice. We have extensive expertise in cross-border energy trading and in dealing with the relevant authorities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With our unique expertise in energy law in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we support project developers, banks, funds, and energy traders - from project planning and implementation, the sale and purchase of plants to energy trading.

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Project development and project realization

Different areas of law are relevant for the planning and construction of plants. For the construction of the plant and the power lines, construction law and environmental law, but also real estate law are important. Corporate law and contract law, on the other hand, play an important role when it comes to setting up customized project companies and the respective negotiations with grid operators.

To ensure the success of your renewable energy project in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, we support you in all relevant areas. We

  • clarify the administrative legal basis for your project (building law, environmental law, emission control /environmental protection control, etc.),

  • advise you on the choice of a specific site,

  • prepare legal due diligence reports,

  • provide support in the acquisition of land / registration of easements for the construction phase including power lines planning and negotiate with landowners,

  • communicate and negotiate with competent authorities,

  • take care of the necessary permits and

  • negotiate with banks and grid operators (grid connection agreements, feed-in contracts, etc.).

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Purchase and sale of existing plants / parks

Another important area of our work is the purchase and sale of existing power plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In this context, legal expertise in real estate law and M&A is particularly important. At the same time, industry-specific experience in carrying out legal due diligence and risk management as well as specific expertise in drafting the necessary agreements is required. 

We have the necessary expertise and specific industry experience. We know how to structure and support the purchase or sale of power plants or companies in the renewable energy sector for you, e.g. with

  • legal due diligence,

  • examination of contaminated sites,

  • M&A (share deals, asset deals) and

  • agreements for the purchase and maintenance of plants.

Energy trading and licensing

Cross-border energy trading in the Czech Republic or Slovakia leads to complex and diverse legal challenges. On the one hand, it requires obtaining the necessary licenses to operate on the market. On the other hand, the corresponding agreements for energy trading must be concluded.

We support energy trading companies and operators of power plants from different parts of the world with their market entry. This concerns all types of licenses, agreements and registrations, such as trade licenses for:

  • production, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity or natural gas,

  • activity of a short-term electricity market organizer,

  • operation of pipelines for the transportation of fuels or crude oil,

  • operation of equipment for filling pressure vessels,

  • operation of facilities for the distribution of liquefied gaseous hydrocarbons,

  • production and distribution of heat (including from thermal energy) to the customer,

  • production and supply of gas from biomass,

  • sale of compressed natural gas for the propulsion of cars,

  • sale and transportation of liquefied gaseous hydrocarbons in pressurized containers or for the propulsion of cars.

We are also the point of contact with the necessary experience and expertise for our clients when it comes to

  • EU STREAM Registration,

  • confirmation of compliance with compulsory reporting obligation,

  • reviewing, drafting and negotiations of all agreements with suppliers and customers.

Court proceedings and arbitration proceedings in the energy sector

Energy law can lead to complex legal disputes - from project development to energy trading. In such a situation, we represent you in court or in arbitration proceedings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as in other European countries.

We will

  • clarify the legal situation and prospects of success for you, e.g. in connection with contractual claims, liability claims, etc.,

  • enforce your claims, e.g. from energy supply contracts, also across borders if necessary, and

  • defend you against unjustified claims/compensation claims.

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