Project Financing

Project financing is becoming increasingly complex in a volatile economic environment. As a result, project financing requires highly professional external consultants: with outstanding legal expertise, and extensive experience with markets and industries - without language barriers.

You can rely on our unique expertise and experience with cross-border project financing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our international team uses its regulatory and transaction-related expertise to find the best solution, even for complex issues in connection with project financing.

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Our clients in project financing

When it comes to cross-border project financing, we are the point of contact for banks, service providers and investors for all questions relating to the financing of companies, real estate, and transactions in general. Our clients include

  • real estate, retail, and investment banks,

  • PE investors,

  • mutual funds and

  • insurance companies.

We are flexible about the sectors in which projects and their financing take place. However, over the past 25 years,

have become prime focus of our advisory services.

International project financing / funding

European banks operating on the Czech and Slovakian markets have trusted Giese & Partner for more than 25 years with legal advice relating to complex projects.

When it comes to project financing, we accompany and support you in all phases: We advise on structuring, take care of the necessary due diligence, draw up term sheets and necessary agreements (loan agreements, security agreements, etc.), negotiate these for you with the other parties involved and, if necessary, accompany you through any restructuring issues.

When structuring the necessary legal framework, we consider complex legal requirements. For example, it is essential to find the right approach when loan agreements under German or English law need to be backed by specific Czech or Slovak collateral. At the same time, we keep an eye on the correct timing of the signing of agreements if, for example, collateral has not yet been registered. Particularly in transactions where an international Master-SPA exists, we adapt the financing concept to the legal situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our cross-border project financing related services includecross-border structuring in cooperation with tax advisors

  • review, negotiation and drafting of agreements (loan agreements, security agreements, etc.)

  • implementation including registrations etc.,

  • organization of and representation in signing and closing as well as

  • monitoring the execution of agreements (i.e. conditions subsequent).

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Cross-border security structures

Collateral is a topic of specific importance when structuring cross-border project financing. Local legal expertise is indispensable in this area. Advising banks on the structuring and implementation of cross-border collateral structures is one of our main areas of expertise.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia in particular, there are specific securitiy instruments  and requirements which you need to be aware of to minimize risks or benefit from specific advantages. We make sure that the projects of our benefit from advanced protection in the event of a borrower's insolvency. 

It is challenging, but important to find the right collateral structure for a specific case, draft  sophisticatedagreements and, if necessary, monitor the registration of collateral before closing. This is exactly what we take care of, but of course we also deal with all other important aspectssuch as:  

  • developing strategies for the management of credit risks,

  • structuring collateral in accordance with banking law requirements/obligations,

  • drafting of collateral agreements,

  • judicial and extrajudicial realization of collateral by way of judicial foreclosure or with the help of extrajudicial executors through sale, auction, or debt collection as well as

  • special advice and representation to lenders and third party collateral providers in insolvency situations.

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Borrowers in the Czech Republic & Slovakia

In addition to lenders, we also support borrowers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia who require legal advice in connection with financing and the necessary collateral.

With our knowledge of the financing requirements on the Czech and Slovak markets and Czech/Slovak loan collateral, we can help you find exactly the financing and security for you and your project. We know how to secure lenders appropriately and in line with market standards, but make sure that the actual structure does not overburden you financially or leads to inappropriate risk on your side.

We support you with the financing of your project by

  • general advice on cross-border financing, including an overview of possible loan collateral,

  • reviewing and drafting of agreements as well as related negotiations,

  • assistance in obtaining/registering collateral (notaries, authorities, etc.),

  • representation in court proceedings and

  • support in the event of insolvency.

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Our specialists in this area

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