Real Estate

Real estate is a core area of our activities. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and close ties to the real estate markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We offer a broad range of services in real estate law. We advise, support, and represent our clients in the purchase and sale of private real estate or agricultural land as well as in complex international real estate transactions and financing.

What sets us apart is that, thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what our clients' requirements and challenges are. - From private sellers to large open-ended funds - we support all clients with the same level of commitment and professionalism. 

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Private real estate law

Anyone dealing with real estate in the Czech Republic or Slovakia from abroad faces challenges with the local market, the legal framework and, finally, the language. That's why it is advisable to seek legal advice at an early stage. We offer the complex support for your activities in the Czech/Slovak real estate market - without language barriers.

Our clients

In private real estate law, we support

  • private owners,

  • buyers and sellers,

  • heirs,

  • tenants/landlords (private & commercial), 

  • farmers/investors in agricultural land

  • hotel owners and operators,

  • insolvency administrators.

Our topics

We take care of all legal issues connected with real estate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: We clarify ownership structures, draw up or review agreements (sale and purchase agreements, rental agreements, lease agreements, brokerage agreements), coordinate cooperation with notaries, real estate administrators and brokers. We obtain the necessary documents and deeds in the required form as well as permits from the relevant authorities.

Our topics in private real estate law: 

  • purchase and sale of real estate,

  • leasie of real property, 

  • law relating to condominiums,

  • restitution proceedings,

  • real estate litigation and

  • real estate in insolvency.

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Commercial real estate law

The requirements for legal advice on international real estate law are high - a complex matter in which real estate law merges with many other national and cross-border areas of law.

This is precisely our expertise. For more than 25 years we have advised banks, investors, and project developers on all legal issues relating to real estate, developed concepts, drafted agreements and implemented solutions. Our teams of specialists with the extensive experience handle large international projects in our clients' home countries and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. That is our daily business.

Our clients

Our clients in commercial real estate law include:

  • international and European real estate lenders,

  • open and closed-ended real estate funds,

  • developers,

  • construction companies,

  • private equity and

  • institutional investors,

We advise our clients professionally, support and represent them in and out of court and in (international) arbitration proceedings. Of course, we not only assist them in real estate law, but also in all other areas of law that may play a role in a real estate projects, financing, etc., e.g. corporate law, capital market law, supervisory law and so on.

Our topics

We are familiar with all legal and commercial aspects in this area, including the financing of international real estate transactions.

We were one of the first law firms to develop international financing concepts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is therefore no coincidence that we are the experts for the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks.

We also structure complex investments in real estate in cooperation with international tax experts and implement the necessary structures, e.g. by establishing special purpose vehicles, mergers, etc. We support our clients in the purchase and financing of extensive real estate portfolios in all countries in Central Eastern Europe. We also develop cross-border structures for structured real estate financing.

What we can assist you with:

  • financing

  • tax and corporate law structuring

  • property law

  • building law

  • necessary permits/approvals

  • preparation and review of contracts (project development and project management agreements, architects’, and engineers' agreements)

  • monitoring compliance with agreements

  • negotiations with authorities and service providers, also in connection with contaminated sites, state subsidies and zoning

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Our specialists in this area

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