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Corporate law has many facets, but is always important for companies of all sizes - from their establishment through the entire duration of their business activities.

With our corporate law experts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we take care of all legal needs of companies. From small and medium-sized enterprises to leading international corporations, we assist our clients with competence and commitment. We provide advice on individual specific issues, or ongoing advice and representation in all corporate law matters - at all stages of a company's life. We are not limited to corporate law, however, but are also the point of contact for our clients when it comes to commercial agreements, corporate transactions, real estate law, cross-border financing or insolvency and restructuring.  

We go beyond legal advice and offer foreign owners full service for the establishment, support, and administration of subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Choosing the best legal form for a company

There are no restrictions on the establishment or management of companies by foreigners - entities as well as citizens from abroad can establish and manage companies in the Czech Republic or Slovakia without restrictions..

In cooperation with experienced tax experts, we will help you find the appropriate legal form for your company.

The key factors in choosing the right legal form are usually

  • cross-border tax aspects,

  • liability issues,

  • questions regarding the representation of the company,

  • the administrative burden in relation to liability risks and

  • financial resources.

We develop tailor-made solutions for our clients and provide them with comprehensive information on various forms of organization and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Czech company forms / Slovak company forms

In Czech and Slovakian corporate law, you have the choice between various partnerships and limited liability companies, e.g.

  • general commercial partnership (v. o. s.),

  • limited commercial partnership (k. s.),

  • limited liability company (s. r. o.),

  • joint stock company (a. s.).

In principle, Czech and Slovakian liability rules are similar to those in other European jurisdictions. The most popular Czech company form - the s. r. o. - does not require any share capital when it is established. The establishment of an s. r. o. in the Czech Republic or Slovakia is also less complex than that of a limited liability company in other European countries. On the other hand, establishment and operation of a Czech joint stock company “a. s.” requires more time and resources s therefore generally more suitable for larger operations.

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Branch office in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

A special feature of Czech and Slovak company law is the branch (office)/e. It offers foreign companies the opportunity to expand into the Czech Republic or Slovakia without having to establish and operate a company under Czech or Slovak law. This makes the branch particularly suitable for smaller projects or as a short-term precursor to establishing a company.

A branch is not a separate legal entity, but part of a foreign entity. Therefore, the law of the country of the "parent company" applies to all internal matters of the branch - Czech or Slovak law applies only to external relations, e.g. relations with employees, but also regarding taxes etc.

Incorporation is straightforward with an entry in the Commercial Register without the involvement of a notary. Liquidation is also possible with little effort.

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Articles of association, management agreements and structures

Companies - regardless of their size or legal form - should be actively structured. Articles of incorporation and by-laws, as well as agreements with managing directors, board members, etc., must be drafted and implemented so that they meet the expectations of all parties involved and fit into the specific business model and industry.

This does not only apply when the company is established: It is also essential to adapt contracts and articles of association to new requirements in the event of changes to the shareholder structure, majority ownership, legal form, or generally, when a company grows substantially.

In every case, we put great emphasis on developing or maintaining appropriate corporate governance structures to provide the best possible legal protection for shareholders and owners, while at the same time giving the company and its management sufficient room to maneuver in its day-to-day business.

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Administration and support of companies in the Czech Republic / Slovakia

We support companies, shareholders, and owners beyond purely legal aspects: For foreign company owners or parent companies, we provide comprehensive professional administration and support for their subsidiaries in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. We take care of everything that is legally and organizationally necessary in day-to-day business - if necessary, in cooperation with notaries and tax advisors.

For an individual fixed fee flat fee, we will take over complete legal support and administration of your company, including

  • general administration of the company, e.g. commercial register matters,

  • cooperation with notaries and tax advisors,

  • exchange/adjustments of the board of directors and management and

  • employment law issues.

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