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Especially in an international context, Data protection is one of the most important challenges for companies today. International data transfers, GDPR, cyber-attacks, whistleblowing and critical infrastructure are just some of the topics, which are being discussed.

Data protection is always about avoiding negative economic consequences and reputational risks for companies. This means putting up the right strategy and organization in place as early as possible to avoid data leaks, cyber-attacks, and problems with local data protection authorities.

However it is at least as important to respond quickly and professionally to data breaches and cyber-attacks to minimize the impact not only on your own company but also on other affected parties.

This is why we as experts in data protection law of the Czech Republic and Slovakia support you in both fields: The legal and organizational structuring of data protection requirements in your company, as well as in the event of possible data protection breaches and cyber-attacks. We are your contact for data protection law in all of Europe, but also in connection with international data transfers outside the EU (e.g. USA, China etc.).

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Data protection: strategies, structures, and implementation

The first step is to develop strategies for a company to implement legal and internal data protection requirements efficiently and practically. It is particularly important for international companies with subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and/or Slovakia to keep in mind:  Although data protection laws in Europe are based on a uniform foundation that there are specific requirements in both countries that must be complied with.

We help you to protect commercially sensitive information and personal data and to comply with Czech and Slovak data protection laws - for example, by implementing the legal requirements of the Czech Whistleblower Protection Act based on the EU Whistleblower Directive.

We work with you to develop customized concepts and strategies to ensure success. We also provide day-to-day support in handling sensitive data of customers, contractors, and employees.

Our services in this context include

  • data protection concepts,

  • data protection audits,

  • employee data protection,

  • organization and review of (internal and external) whistleblower hotlines, also within the group,

  • creating, reviewing, and updating internal guidelines,

  • creating, reviewing, and updating agreements, declarations, and documents (e.g. order processing and confidentiality declarations) as well as

  • data protection declarations etc.

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Help with data protection breaches and cyber-attacks

Data breaches and cyber-attacks cannot always be avoided, neither at subsidiaries in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, nor at an affiliated company in the EU or worldwide.

In both cases, usually Czech or Slovak data and therefore the respective data protection laws are affected. Accordingly, there is an acute need for appropriate measures on the ground, which should not be underestimated: data leaks or cyber attacks which concern local customers, business partners, or employees must be reported to the appropriate local authorities. Failure to do so can result in severe penalties.

In such a situation, we provide you with comprehensive, fast, and competent support.

We understand the specific requirements of relevant data protection laws and local data protection authorities and can actively communicate with affected parties and authorities without language barriers. It is essential to work closely with local authorities in the event of a data breach. We also coordinate work with our clients' IT experts as well as internal and external legal counsels abroad to achieve the best possible results quickly.

In addition to legal advice and representation, we also provide communications support. Working with appropriate local service providers, we can help you develop and implement communication strategies to avoid or at least minimize reputational damage.

In the event of a data breach or cyber-attack at your company, we

  • assess the relevance of an international data leak to the Czech /Slovakian environment (clarifying the need for action),

  • report data leaks to authorities,

  • actively cooperate with authorities to avoid sanctions,

  • communicate with those affected by data breaches and

  • develop communication concepts to protect reputation.

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