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A data box is a secure electronic portal by the Czech state, which is used for electronic communication with public authorities. Recently, the range of mandatory users of data boxes was expanded to more than two million entities.

Data boxes will be newly set up for individual entrepreneurs registered with the Trade Register, foundations, institutes, associations, churches, funds, associations of apartment owners and certain NGOs, even if their business is suspended. As these data boxes are being activated automatically, there is no need for an application. Originally, it was assumed that a data box would be set up for all those who use e-identity, i.e. also non-business natural persons. In the end, however, this proposal was withdrawn. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will try to convince the remaining individuals to set up a data box on a voluntary basis by means of an information campaign.

If you are newly obliged to have a data box, you will receive your login information between January and March this year. The data box will be activated even if you do not take over your access data and never log in. In case you have already set up the data box voluntarily, you can continue using it. However, if you have a data box voluntarily as a private individual, but you should have one as an entrepreneur according to the new rules, you will end up having two data boxes.

Mgr. Bc. Karolína Szturc

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