Speeding Up the Restart of the Czech Economy

Given the declining numbers of COVID-positive patients and the overall good situation in the health sector, the Czech government decided to relax many anti-pandemic measures ahead of the original schedule.

Retail shops up to 2,500 sqm outside of large shopping malls are allowed to open on 27 April. Shops with direct entrance from the outside are also free to open regardless of their location.

Large shopping malls will be allowed to open already on 11 May 2020, four weeks earlier than originally planned. There will be still some restrictions in place in terms of food courts as restaurants, cafés and similar businesses will be allowed to resume operation in full only on 25 May 2020. Until then, only take-away sale or consumption in outside seating is permitted.

From 25 May on, all establishments and services within shopping malls will be fully open to business, subject to appropriate hygienic precautions. Details of all required measures are yet to be announced by the authorities, but some of them are already known. Restriction on use of fitting rooms, no touching of merchandise by customers and similar orders have made the shopkeepers frown.

Mgr. Radek Werich


by Mgr. Radek Werich