Making the Labor Code Work

Satisfied employees are a prerequisite for a successful entrepreneur. This is why every employer should ensure compliance with labor law. Sometimes a demanding task as labor law provisions have failed to keep pace with the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and do not reflect the current needs of the employers.

New Age: Labor Law vs. Digitalization

Industry 4.0 has brought countless new challenges to labor law. Increased flexibility of employment, sharing (collaborative) economy and crowdworking have challenged the traditional understanding of terms like ‘employee’ and ‘sole trader’. Differences between them are fading.

Teleworking and home office have widely increased, so many employees do not have to commute daily to their offices to perform their jobs. Some can work even from abroad for a longer term while the employer fully agrees with it. In addition, the digital era contributes to a new wave of Taylorism. Work tasks are no longer broken down into part-time or project-based shifts only. They are divided even further on a micro-level, which leads to micro-entrepreneurs, on-demand workers, gig-workers etc. This development raises a wide range of questions regarding current labor law regulations. >> Read more

Martin Holler
/ JUDr. Zuzana Francúzová

Connection March/April 2019

Martin Holler / JUDr. Zuzana Francúzová
>> Connection March/April 2019