How Much Do You Make?

It’s common practice that employment agreements include a clause that employees shall keep their wage confidential. The intention of such clauses is to keep the employers’ wages policy unrevealed. However, an Amendment to the Labour Code, makes this practice impossible. Moreover, employees may reveal also any other employment conditions.

The legislator expects that the new regulation will remove one of the main barriers for wage increases. Employees may now compare their wages and assess whether the principle of “equal pay for equal work” is applied. Furthermore, the intention of the Amendment is to make employment conditions more transparent and to contribute to the overall improvement of the working environment.

Employers shall respect the regulation when concluding new employment agreements. If they fail to do so, the respective provisions of the employment agreement shall be deemed invalid. The same applies to existing employment agreements containing wage confidentiality. Employers have to accept that the disclosure of wages or any working conditions may not have any negative effect. If the employer breaches this rule, the employee is entitled to defend himself and file a respective claim.


JUDr. Valter Pieger / Mgr. Renáta Sedliačková

JUDr. Valter Pieger / Mgr. Renáta Sedliačková
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